Fairview Park Splash Pad Review from a Pittsburgh Mom

Fairview Park Splash Pad : A Must-Visit Summer Spot for Families in South Fayette

By Emily Papa, Macaroni Kid South Hills of Pittsburgh Publisher July 8, 2024

The long-awaited Fairview Park Splash Pad in South Fayette, PA, has finally opened, and it was well worth the wait! Here’s what parents need to know before visiting this fantastic new Pittsburgh splash park:


  • Free Summer Fun: There is NO admission free for this brand new Pittsburgh splash pad, so pack up the gang (and all their friends) and head on out!
  • Size and Layout: The splash pad is roughly the size of a baseball diamond, offering ample space for kids to play. Once the grass grows, there will be lush green space surrounding the entire area. It currently has temporary fencing surrounding the perimeter, but we'll be interested to see what the long term plan is here. 
  • Fun Features: The splash pad floor is made of soft, safe flooring. It boasts an array of sprayers, sprinklers, a dump bucket, and more. There’s even a shaded toddler area with interactive waterways for kids to explore.
  • Interactive Play: The water runs on a timer, and kids love running to push one of the two big yellow buttons on either end of the splash pad to reactivate the water. It's a fun, interactive feature that keeps them engaged.
  • Suitable for All Ages: While the splash pad is great for little ones, older kids (ages 8, 9, and 10) also had a blast. My 12-year-old daughter enjoyed cooling down in the water and sunbathing in the surrounding grassy area.


  • Picnic Tables and Charging Stations: On the outskirts of the splash pad, you'll find four round picnic tables with solar-powered umbrellas leading to an electrical box for charging devices. Forgot your cord? No worries – they offer wireless charging options too!
  • Pavilion: The massive pavilion is thoughtfully divided into two sides, each with six 18-foot and two 8-foot aluminum picnic tables, including accessible seating. Each side also has a concession area that wasn't open, or it might be for parties only. 
  • Real Bathrooms: The men’s and women’s bathrooms each have a first aid kit and changing table, making it convenient for families. These are real bathrooms, not porta-potties!


  • Thoughtfully Designed: The park is incredibly accessible, with features that show real thoughtfulness toward families with different needs.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Bring Sunscreen: There’s plenty of sun exposure, so make sure to protect your family’s skin.
  • Pack a Picnic: With the great picnic areas and charging stations, you can easily spend a full day at the park.
  • Extra Clothes: Kids will get wet and messy, so having extra clothes on hand is a good idea. Our kids wore their bathing suits in and changed to dry clothes when they were done. 
  • Hydration: Keep everyone hydrated, especially on hot days. There is a water fountain under the pavilion so bring your refillable thermos filled with ice to have cold water all day long!

The Fairview Park Splash Pad is a fantastic addition to South Fayette, offering fun, relaxation, and convenience for families (and did we mention it's FREE?). It’s a perfect spot to cool off and enjoy the summer with your kids. Don’t miss out on this exciting new attraction!

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