A Note from the Publisher - October 1, 2020

Hello October 🎃

By Emily Papa October 1, 2020

Happy October 1! I can’t believe that September has already come and gone - it seems crazy to think how much of this year has just rapidly blown by. While I’m over here rolling out October activities, I have already seen Christmas decorations up in stores! I know that is typical of this time every year but it makes it SO much harder to slow down and enjoy each day when there is so much forward focus. So I’m gonna do my best to bring y’all back to October, ok?! We've got a lot of goodness yet to come!

Over the past few months that I’ve been publishing, I’ve learned that unless you’re already a Macaronian, you might not really understand what Macaroni Kid is or how to use it to best serve you. Or maybe you HAVE been a subscriber for a while but still have never explored the site to it’s fullest potential. Either way,  we've created Your Guide to Navigate Macaroni Kid! to help you get the MOST out of using Macaroni Kid. I’d LOVE to know your take on it - did you know you can always reply to the newsletter to give me your thoughts?!

Looking to plan your family fun this weekend? The calendar is PACKED with goodness. I think we are going to take the kids to a farm for pumpkin and apple picking this weekend. SO many choices! If only there was a guide to help that.... Oh wait..... you can find the 2020 Fall Family Fun Guide Here!


I also couldn’t help myself because there are so many of my favorite places opening up again, so I included some great FREE and low cost adult/older child activities happening locally


If you have somehow managed to miss the hype that has been on the website, the newsletter, and all over our social media, let me fill you in before you miss out! ;)  Macaroni Kid South Hills has partnered with some super fun businesses as well as some local artists to fill DOZENS’s of BOO Baskets and Bags that are about to sweep the South Hills! There is STILL TIME to enter to win a chance to be BOO’d by Macaroni Kid and possibly win a MEGA BASKET! Check out this article for deets. Stay tuned for our sneak peek on social media this week with photos of our completed basket’s and a full list of sponsors in next week's newsletter. Want to start the BOOing yourself? Check out our free printable here!


Speaking of spreading the love, we are finishing up Macaroni Kid act of kindness week, and we want to know if you have participated in any acts of kindness whether big or small. Email us or tag us on social media showing us or telling us what you did so that we can give you a shout out and a virtual high five. No act is too big or small.


Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newest Site Sponsor, Mike Pohlot. Mike is the father of 2 beautiful girls, lives in the South Hills, is Pittsburgh’s Hardest Working Realtor and is excited to be working with Macaroni Kid. It's been a pleasure getting to know him, and I am super psyched about the value and dynamic he is going to bring to our MK Family. Please give him a nice warm welcome to the Macaroni family and check out the article he wrote just for us - The Journey