The Journey

Michael Pohlot, Pittsburgh's Hardest Working Realtor

By Michael Pohlot October 1, 2020

Come with me on a journey as I share with you the discovery of my love for helping people. I’ve learned over time that I love to help people and that it is me through and through; I just feel that it is why God put me on this earth. Feeling inspired to push myself daily and give forth the effort and passion that I feel inside. I want to show my two little girls that personal success is measured by your internal fulfillment in life. 

This path of helping started back when I was growing up with my 2 brothers. As my mom was diligent with our daily routines and getting our family ready to go somewhere, I was always the one beside her, there to help. I was always an ambitious doer, give me a task and I had it done in no time. 

One day, my dad saw a gentleman who lived down the road from us, struggling to cut his grass. My dad stopped and asked if he needed someone to cut that hill. After many sweaty, struggling hours later, I chopped the grass down from a foot and a half to regular cut height. That was the day my father and I decided that we should make a business for myself.

I went off to play college football at W&J and throughout my time there, my business grew and grew.  Realizing that educating was a great gift of mine, I aspired to become a teacher. Looking back, I realize teaching came easily to me as helping others to learn throughout my life did something more for me than money ever could.

It made me feel amazing. 

Through my business of lawn care/landscaping, I learned that hard work and attention to detail beat out the rest of my competition. People came back to me time and time again and referred me to others because they knew that a short call to Mike was all it took for help to arrive quickly. To me though, all those things came naturally, as if they were in my job description. When I did the little things, it made me happy and in turn, my customers were happy with me.

While I loved cutting grass, teaching others and having satisfied customers along the way, I knew that there was more out there for me. Overall, I had one goal: to help more people because without that, I was not fulfilled. Eventually, I had a friend reach out and say, “Mike you should really look into getting involved with real estate. You have great communication skills, know your way around a house, and you are just a good person. This could be a great fit for you.” Skeptical at first because I have never been a salesperson, I had to think about it. I never wanted to have that pushy, get the sale kind of reputation. I could cut someone’s grass to perfection, beyond their satisfaction, but selling houses was a far leap from that. In spite of my doubt, I jumped all in on this new adventure, sold my equipment and went for it. “Sometimes you have to burn the boats”, Tony Robbins says. 

My strengths of hard work and dedication were about to be put to the test as I knew NOTHING about selling homes. What I DID know was that when I put in the time and effort, the results would pay off. As I navigated the waters, my love of helping revealed why real estate was so perfect for me. 

It just worked. I loved it. 

I loved talking to people, educating them through the process, showing them all kinds of cool houses and designs, and even going to the home inspection as a support by their side helping to explain what will most likely will pop up on a home inspection report. Always pushing myself to be the best person I can be, I’ve been known to paint the floors of some of my clients' homes to assist with a sale, move furniture, and even do some landscaping to enhance curbside appeal before listing.  This Hardworking mentality has pushed me to my success with Berkshire Hathaway in the Upper St. Clair office.

In the end, I am more than your Real Estate Agent, someone who just wants to sell your home or help you buy a new one.

 I am the father of two beautiful girls that lives in your neighborhood, and understands the struggles that come along with buying and selling a house.

I am that guy who is genuinely interested in listening to what you have to say and will work my hardest to help you get exactly that.

 I am the homeowner who wants to help you develop a relationship with your own home and embrace  the joys of homeownership from the start to finish.

 I am the agent who isn’t going to neglect you just because you aren’t “ready” today.

I’m the man who strives on helping others and has partnered with Macaroni Kid South Hills because I see an opportunity to help so many families in our community by providing you with monthly tips and tricks to making your home the best it can be!

I am Michael Pohlot, Pittsburgh’s Hardest Working Realtor 

I look forward to connecting with all the Macaroni KID South Hills readers by providing you with helpful content each month designed to help you love and care for your home. For assistance with your estate needs, please visit my personal website here. If you'd like to connect with me with in between newsletters, please email me or check out my Instagram.