Accent Music Academy

859 Missionary Dr.Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone: (412) 653-3340Email: accentmusicpa@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Accent Music Academy ( offers music lessons in a wide array of instruments to people of all ages and levels.  We also provide acting, singing, and performing opportunities to youth and teens in the form of classes, workshops, camps, plays, and musicals.  Auditions for plays and musicals are open to all members of the community, not just Accent Music Academy students.  All activities are offered by highly qualified teachers and professionals.

Accent Music Academy strives to provide education and opportunities at a great value.  Even though we have a highly educated and trained staff, we keep our prices very competitive and try to give you the best deals possible.  Our basic rate for weekly half-hour lessons is $85 per month.  However, we offer many discounts for longer lessons and for semester and yearly commitments.  Visit our website: or call us at (412) 653-3340 to find out more.

MACARONI KID SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: Mention Macaroni Kids and receive an additional free lesson (on top of other offers)