Winter Shelter

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Operation Safety Net®, Pittsburgh Mercy's, award-winning outreach program, manages the shelter along with the Allegheny Link with the goal of empowering guests to develop care plans that include housing and essential supports. The Northside Homeless Alliance coordinates the nightly meals for the approximately 150 guests.

In addition to a sleeping area, each of the two Winter Shelter locations contains a kitchen area, showers and restrooms. Because the shelters are centrally located in downtown Pittsburgh, they are easily accessible for police and fire departments, and outreach workers from other homeless shelters, to bring individuals to the locations, if needed, throughout the night. During the dark and cold of winter, the Winter Shelter provides a warm shelter to the homeless population who normally live on the streets and do not utilize one of the other existing emergency shelters. The Winter Shelter also provides food, winter clothing, laundry facilities, medical care, mental health care and counseling for its guests.

Due to the pandemic, housing, behavioral health, and other referrals and linkages will take place remotely by videoconference. 

Funding for the Winter Shelter is made possible by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net, an Allegheny County Economic Development Emergency Solutions Grant and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Winter Shelter organizers also gratefully acknowledge the contributions and support of the Allegheny Link, Catholic Men’s Fellowship, Northside Homeless Alliance, Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship and Veteran’s Home, and countless volunteers, providers, funders, and donors, without whose collaboration and support the shelter would not be possible.