Handmade Face Masks

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All masks are made from 100% cotton and are reversible. I use a double wire nosepiece in each mask and plush elastic to make adjustable ear loops. Masks come in three sizes: 

SMALL (2-6 years old)

MEDIUM (7-12 years old)

LARGE (13+)

All masks are $5 each and can be picked up in McMurray, PA. 

I can mail masks for $5 for 1-5 masks and an additional $1/mask or $8/10 masks. 

For example:

6 masks would be $5 shipping for the first 5 + $1 for the extra mask = $6 shipping total ($36 order total)

12 masks would be $8 shipping for the first 10 + $2 for the extra 2 masks = $10 shipping total ($70 order total)

You can view all fabrics and place your order HERE