Magic in the Air!

Mr. Messado's School of Magic at Liberty Magic

By Victoria Kern September 18, 2023

Magic was definitely in the air when we visited Liberty Magic on Sunday in downtown Pittsburgh. The venue is quaint and filled with lots of nostalgic magic oddities inside including a Zoltar fortune-telling machine. My sons both got their fortunes with their lucky numbers and headed to the check-in desk.  

When we arrived at the front desk, the check-in part was easy and painless. We were given three skeleton keys and books to hold onto during the show. We weren’t sure what they were for, but we couldn’t wait to find out. We found our VIP seats that had our names on them. Then the coolest thing happened! Management bumped us up to front-row seats!  

After being introduced, Mr. Messado shared his heartfelt story of how he became a magician, all while performing magic tricks. I thought it was fascinating that he was able to perform for his idol. We were all amazed by his famous “Rings” trick and my son even got to be an assistant. I was baffled by how he completed his tricks and spent most of the time with my mouth open with surprise. I’ve always been a fan of magic shows, and this show was definitely magnificent. 

After the show, the kids received his autographs. Since we were VIPs we got to go in the back to Mr. Messado’s hangout area and learn a few card tricks. I cannot spoil any secrets since we took the magician’s oath, so you will have to get your family tickets and see for yourself. It was a pretty awesome time and it is definitely a must-see!  All in all, my boys and I had a great time and loved the show. Don’t miss out on a great show! It is perfect for all ages!