School Bus Sensory Craft

Back to School Tactile Sensory Activity

By Kelly Caruso August 7, 2023

Here is a simple preschool or toddler back to school sensory activity! You only need a few things, making it simple and fun! 

What you’ll need: 

  • Bus print out (template provided below) 
  • Shaving cream or for younger children you can use cool whip! Makes it fun and edible 
  • 1 small drop of yellow food coloring

Have your child paint with a paintbrush or use their fingers for a more in depth sensory experience. We love doing the activity while singing Wheel's On the Bus! Another great activity to incorporate, would be letter identification or sequencing the word bus! 

Right-click on the image below to save and print

Kelly Caruso is a South Hills mama who finds joy in creating activities for children to engage in and learn. Check out her Instagram page @Kellcaruso to find ideas on educational activities, crafts, sensory play and food art for parents to be inspired. 

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