Host a Reptile Birthday Party with Iceman Reptiles

By Emily Papa, Macaroni KID South Hills Publisher May 15, 2023

My little man is a natural-born dirt-loving, bone-digging, thrill-seeking explorer; so when it came time to plan his 7th birthday party, I knew I needed to get creative. 

Scrolling through Facebook, I came across some photos of Iceman Reptiles doing a kid's birthday party and knew that was exactly what we needed! I e-mailed Scott, and he quickly replied with various options he could provide, and I opted for a 90-minute party. In hind site, a 60-minute party would have been adequate for the attention span of 20, 5 to 7-year-olds, but we loved having the extra time to really get up close and personal! 

Scott captivated the kids by educating them while showing them the variety of reptiles he had brought.

Kids were able to be as hands on as they wanted, while respecting the rule that if someone did not want to touch a reptile, no one was allowed to pressure them into doing so. Meet Miss Diamond!

The snake was even tame enough for toddlers!

We had an absolute blast at the party; learning about each species before we let it crawl or slither all over us. Kids learned about the difference between a turtle and tortoise, about the Leachianus Gecko, and got to hold a 60lbs Burmese Python. If you are looking for someone to do a reptile party or just all around amazing party entertainment, go check out Iceman Reptiles for a party they will never forget!

Party prep was kept super simple (thank you, Amazon).  Decorations consisted of a jungle party balloon garland, ivy vine leaf photo wall that we ended up hanging in the doorway as a room divider, some table decor and some leaf serving dishes. All decorations and party favors have been linked below:

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