Building a Love of Problem Solving

November 13, 2022

In each of our day-to-day lives, we are consistently solving problems. It may be something as simple as what to make for lunch but finding the way to come up with the answer puts us through a process whether we think about it or not.

Successful students are great problem solvers. Viewing the most difficult or complex assignment as challenges or puzzles to be solved helps to break it down into a much more manageable challenge.

Encourage problem-solving skills by encouraging your child or employee to face the challenge and to keep going even if they make a mistake. We often learn the most from those mistakes so finding a way to treat them as a learning experience and part of problem-solving, helps develop that inquisitive nature that makes us all wonder why.

Respond to problems and challenges in a positive way. Having someone stand strong and ask themselves ‘how can I solve this?’ produces a more positive reaction than one that thinks that it's too hard and to walk away.

Laugh at mistakes. Teach your children that we all make mistakes and its how we react to them and learn from them that often makes us stronger.

Encourage questions. Asking questions is often a way to build the logical process of walking through the problem.

Remember, it took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries to make the light bulb. Where would we be if he had quit trying to overcome the mistakes that he was encountering along the way.

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