Celebrate National Book Month

By Sponsored Content from Club Z Tutoring October 17, 2022

October is the month of Pumpkins, cooler weather, changing leaves, Halloween and National Book Month.  What’s better than curling up with a Pumpkin spiced drink, with your favorite blanket and a great book?  National Book month is an opportunity to celebrate the importance of reading, writing and literature.  It is important that we all take a moment to help share our love of reading with those around us.  It's often our escape, a way to expand our horizons, to learn, to laugh and often, to cry.

How do we help build a lifelong love of reading?

The love of books is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child.  From tomorrow’s English class to future growth through either college, military, or workforce entry, reading ability is at the center of everything that we do.  Here are some tips on how to encourage reading for those around us.

Set aside time that is just for reading and writing.  Turn off the TV, the computer and the telephones and learn to treasure the peace, quiet and creativity that comes.  This can be applied to children and adults. 

Keep a list of books (Periodicals, articles, newspapers) that you have read and have them provide a review of the materials.  This will continue to refine and improve their comprehension.

Reading aloud isn’t just for young children.  Continue to read aloud from your books – especially funny or meaningful pages.  Have your child read aloud to you as well.

Go beyond the book.  Using them as stepping off point to creativity pulls through a completely different dimension.  Having them illustrate their favorite scene, make up alternative endings, or create a song about a character are all ways that make books and the experience of reading them fun.

Give books as gifts.  Start the tradition when the children are young.  As we get older, learn about our friends, co-workers, clients and their likes and dislikes and send them books, magazines or articles that show that you listen.  

Remember, it is ok to leave a book unfinished (unless it is mandatory course work).  We don’t want reading to be a chore but a positive experience.

Go to the library or the bookstore with your children and make it an experience to pick out just the right book for each of you.