Una Nota de su Editor

By Emily Papa, Publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills June 7, 2022

Hola from Mexico! I'm sorry for the delay in the newsletter, but I've been working (obviously not very well) to get it completed while poolside at the Nickelodeon Resort in Riviera Maya; while I wait for almost 30 MacKID publishers to arrive for a little Summer Getaway. I'm super excited to share my experience at this resort with everyone. If you don't follow us on Instagram, now is the time, so you can be the first to see the resort in my stories. The Nickelodeon Resort in Riviera Maya has only been open for 6 months and I have a feeling it's going to be a really popular destination spot. I was told that we might be slimed today around 3:30 (so that's 4:30 back in the 'Burgh). I might try to go live on Facebook for those of you who want to see it and relive all your childhood dreams of wanting to get slimed! If you like what you see and want to consider booking a vacation at Nickelodeon Resort in Riviera Maya, check out this great CertifiKID deal where you can save up to 40% and get $400 in resort credits

Now that school is out, and we’re all thinking SUMMER, I wanted to make this newsletter all about travel, but due to my inability to work and enjoy sun at the same time, my travel pieces will be coming later through June. 

Here's a sneak peek on what is to come:

Family Friendly Staycations and day trip ideas from the Burgh

Where to find discounted amusement park tickets

FUL Bags Disney Suitcase Giveaway

Printable travel list

So stay tuned, it's all to come!

When I started publishing with Macaroni KID almost 2 years ago, I never expected to gain friendships like the ones I have formed, nor did I realize that it came with such amazing travel perks 😂 If you or anyone you know loves to find all the local family fun and share it with others, we still need a publisher for Pittsburgh East. I’m happy to answer any questions about being a publisher and maybe next year, we could get slimed together!

Thanks for understanding this week's short newsletter. Until next week!