Resources for Families in Times of Tragedy

By Sprout Center for Emotional Growth and Development May 26, 2022

Dear Families,

We know that for many of us yesterday's shooting in Uvalde, Texas was very difficult. And as we struggle to process tragic events as parents and caregivers, we also know that we are called upon to support our children through these events.

As part of our support in the wake of this tragedy, we are offering free 15-20 minute check-ins around questions or concerns that parents may have regarding the tragedy and how to support their children. Please fill out the form at this link if you are interested, and a Sprout team member will contact you:

*These check-ins are completely free to families, but do not constitute as a therapy service. Instead, they are simply a supportive consultation.

Furthermore, we wanted to share a few links to additional resources that may be helpful for parents and caregivers when tragedies occur:

Fred Rodgers Institute: This link will give you great information on how to talk with your children about difficult things in the news: click here. 

National Association of School Psychologists: This resource gives suggestions for talking to children about violence, and is for both parents and teachers: click here.

American Psychological Association: This link gives more helpful information about talking to children and important points about caring for yourself: click here.

Sprout: Here is the link to Sprout's own free guide to talking to children about difficult things: click here.

Our hearts are with yours,
The Team at Sprout

This message comes from Sprout Center for Emotional Growth and Development