Valentine's Day Love Bug Headbands

Simple Valentine's DIY Craft for Kids of All Ages

By Emily Papa, Macaroni KID South Hills Publisher February 13, 2024

Looking for an easy-to-make DIY Valentine's Day craft to do with your kiddos? Love Bug headbands are one's that I've made with my kiddos a few times, and they thought they were so silly and fun! This craft is simple to do at home, but also makes for a great elementary school Valentine's Day party craft with minimal prep. 

Materials Needed:

  • colored construction paper (usually pink or white)
  • pipe cleaner
  • foam hearts (you can find these at any craft or dollar store)
  • stickers
  • crayons or markers
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • stapler or tape
  1. Help your child cut the length of their construction paper into three 2.5" strips. Cut the third strip in half, so it is half the length of the other two. 
  2. Once cut, lay all three strips (1 big, 1 big, 1 short) in one big line, overlapping about 1-2". Glue together where it is overlapping.
  3. Children can decorate their headband however they want. Encourage them to write their names, draw pictures, use extra foam stickers, etc. Help your child identify the “short” piece of paper and instruct them not to decorate this strip as this is where you will need to tape or staple the paper together once you fit the headband.
  4. Take 2 pipe cleaners for the antennas and wrap them around a marker or a pencil to give them a swirl effect. Once they are swirled, find 4 matching foam hearts to adhere to the tops.

    Easily give your pipe cleaner a new shape by twirling it around a pen or pencil. 

Adhere hearts on one side, flip and repeat. 

I suggest doing this step before decorating your headband to ensure you have enough foam hearts.

5. Once your child is done decorating, wrap the headband around their head to get a measurement and then and staple them together. This is where you will tuck the 4” undecorated rectangle to the inside of the band, adjusting accordingly.

Now it's time to staple the “antennas” on. This works best if you take 1.5”-2” of the bottom of the pipe cleaner and place it perpendicular to the length of the headband. Staple each pipe cleaner 2 times from the inside (top and bottom), parallel to the headband. This will ensure a strong enough hold for the antennas and the "smooth" end of the staple will be on the inside of the headband. You can also use tape for this. 

Let your kiddo's enjoy being a Love Bug!

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