Move Over Rudolf, Dasher Has the Brightest Lights in Town

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By Emily Papa, Macaroni KID Publisher December 6, 2021

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen; Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall, the most famous Lightshow of all? 

🎶 Da-da-dum-dum 🎶

I want to go on and belt out into full song, but I can't. If I started it off by saying Rudolf still held the title for the reindeer with the best lights, Santa might put coal in my stocking, because Dasher definitely stole this show. Well, in Pittsburgh he did!

Saturday night my husband and I decided we wanted to see what all the commotion was about regarding the new Christmas Drive-through, Dasher's Lightshow at Pittsburgh Mills Mall. We were already in the city for lunch with Santa, so we figured we'd jump on 28 and make a day of it. The drive wasn't bad and even coming home back to the South Hills only took us about 40 minutes. 

I have been doing the neighborhood lights thing for the past few years, so this is the first time I’ve been to an actual professional lights display in I couldn't even tell you how long. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I don't remember anything quite this spectacular from my childhood! Don't tell my kids, but I was in just as much awe as they were!

My kids started shrieking with excitement the minute they saw the hundred of thousands LED bulbs that illuminated the entire parking lot. Let me tell you they were so excited they probably would've been content watching from the outside   Not tonight kids, not tonight!

As it just got dark, and we were one of the first cars to arrive during our 5-5:30 window, it did take us a minute to figure out exactly how to enter. 

Drive around the mall to the back parking lot and the entrance to Dasher's Lightshow is located on the mall side (not the street side). You will see ground level red-and-white lights strung on cones that will lead you to the entrance

Once we found the entrance, the employees scanned our digital ticket, told us to tune into 96.7 FM and drive 2-3 MPH. I talked to the publisher from Macaroni KID Pittsburgh City who went the night before, and she told me they made it through pretty quickly, so we cruised as slow as we could to make the most of our visit. I'd say it took us maybe 20 minutes to get through the whole display and my kids were engaged for every single second of it (which says a lot).

The twinkling light displays are synced to catchy Christmas tunes had everyone in the car shaking and grooving while staring in utter amazement at this holiday lights spectacular. While we truly enjoyed the entire show, I’m pretty sure my family fan favorite was the four digital characters you met up with at the end of each lane. Not only are they so stinking cute, but when you get closer you can see they are singing the songs playing over the radio!

While it's not that easy to capture great holiday lights photos in the dark, unless you are a professional photographer (which I am not), I tried to snag a few to give you an idea of how spectacular the display was!

If you're looking for a new family tradition, I'd recommend putting Dasher's Lightshow on your list. Once you hear my kid's laughter and excitement, you'll know why :)

Dasher's Lightshow will be at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills now through January 2nd from 5-11pm. 

Order your timed tickets her and use code KID2021 to get 20%!

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