Back-to-School Shopping at Sam's Club

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By Emily Papa August 24, 2021

I remember back-to-school shopping with my mom. We’d start at department stores for our clothes. We’d spend so much time looking through the racks, trying to mix and match the perfect outfit by what was trending on the mannequins at the end of each aisle. Hours would pass by as we would try everything on and then have to narrow it all down because surely we couldn’t afford to buy EVERYTHING that we liked. It was overwhelming and exhausting.

God bless my mother for her patience. 

After buying our outfits, we’d head off to the nearest shoe store for our footwear, specialty store for our book bags, office supply store for our school supplies, and finally, the grocery store for our snacks and lunches. Looking back on this, I almost have to wonder if my mom took off a day of work to make all this happen?

I’m here to help you not be that mom. I mean, you can be if you want to be, but at least hear me out. 

Would you like a more simple approach to back-to-school shopping? To find all the school supplies you may need at prices you can’t refuse? From pencils to printers to the cute little craft desk you want to put in your kids' playroom?

I got you. 

Your kid wants a new book bag (after you spent a fortune getting their name embroidered just last year on their perfectly good one) and you don't want to spend an arm and a leg?!?!?!

I got you. 

Would you like to find a great selection of clothes (but not so many that you’re overwhelmed) AND shoes AND socks AND underwear while saving on department store pricing?

I got you. 

I hear your kid needs glasses, but you don’t want to go to the local boutique where you know she is going to pick out the most expensive pair, only to need new ones in a few years.

I got you. 

You want to get some easy to prep meals for lunches? Maybe Lunchables, Uncrustables, yogurts, cheese sticks, fruits and drinks without having to clip coupons for savings?

I got you. 

You'd like to get all your school supplies with your weekly grocery shop and without having to go out of your way?

I got you.

Want to know my secret? I’ll let you in on it. 

Sam’s Club. 

Yes girl, I said Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club is my one-stop shop for ALL my shopping needs. I used to go to the grocery store for groceries, the department stores for clothes, and you get the rest. Just like my mom taught me. Until I discovered Sam’s Club. 

As a Sam's Club member, I really see the value in my membership on a weekly basis. I can find everything I need at Sam’s Club at no-nonsense prices (and without having to wait for that one day sale or coupon that totally got eaten in the bottom of my purse). Did I mention that I can pick up everything I need without having to drag my kids to 27 different stores? 

Get this… not only can I get all my back to school AND grocery shopping done at the same time, I can also take advantage of the other savings that Sam’s Club offers, such as optical solutions from eye exams to glasses and contact lenses. I have been buying my tires at Sam’s Club for over 20 years now and take advantage of their free tire rotation every three months (BTW, I’m shopping while they are working on my minivan). I end up saving money and time; making my life easier altogether... sounds like a #momwin for me! There's not many other places I can get away with leaving with a shopping cart that looks like this!

Y'all know I'm not good at keeping secrets, so here's another one I'm going to let you in on. Sam's Club is currently running a great promotion on their membership – join for $45, get $45 eGift Card! You can sign up for that promotion HERE and start saving on your back-to-school needs today!

This article is sponsored by Sam's Club, but all opinions are authentic and my own.