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By Emily Papa, Macaroni KID Publisher August 9, 2021

One of the things we’ve always prided ourselves on as parents has been our consistency and routine when it comes to bedtime. Our kids are always the ones at home and in their own beds by 8 o’clock to get a full night's sleep, and it really made a noticeable difference in our every day activities. Last year, with the craziness of COVID, inconsistencies of not being in school, and the questions and fears that came along with quarantine, we did a lot more co-sleeping in our house than I particularly care for.

I, myself, prefer to sleep alone and untouched; so on the mornings when I would wake up with four humans in my bed (vs the two who originally slept in there), I was not the happiest camper. 

"But they’re only little once," they say. "Enjoy the snuggles while they last," they say

Whoever “they” is must be sleeping alone, in an ignorant bliss.

Now that things are returning to a state of normal and summer is coming to an end, it is really important to me to get my family back on that healthy sleep schedule that we ALL so desperately need. 

Since my husband supports my job, unconditionally, when I told him that we had an opportunity to receive three new mattresses from Luuf to try them out and review them, he was *mostly* in. This was the perfect opportunity to get our kids excited about sleeping in their new beds (and getting them the heck out of mine) but he was a little hesitant after our last mattress purchase.

Picking out the perfect mattress can be seriously overwhelming. Sleep hygiene is something that we take very seriously, and even though we've been due for a mattress upgrade, we haven't. There’s the cost, the comfort and the compatibility for each individual. The last time I picked out a mattress on my own, I went to a big name store and bought the top of the line, name brand memory foam mattress because it had to be the best, right?


I hated it. I really tried to love it and was SO disappointed that I just couldn’t. It was too hot, too hard, smelled weird, and I just couldn’t sleep on it. I hated it so much, we moved it to the spare bedroom and then to my daughter's room when she transitioned from her crib. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my toddler slept on a $5,000 queen-sized memory foam mattress that we got stuck with. That kind of experience is enough to make a mama never buy another mattress again!!!

So it wasn’t until after I told my husband about Luuf's stress-free return and exchange policy, that he was on board with this review. We checked out the selections online and, using the easy to navigate guide and suggestions, we decided on the Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper for us, Luuf Simplicity for our son and Little Luuf for our daughter's bunk bed. Then we told the kids they were coming and that we would all be returning to our own beds! 

Our Luuf beds arrived in 3 boxes, and we can't wait to share our unboxing video with you! We had so much fun watching them form to shape one by one. After one week of sleeping on our beds, I am happy to report that my kids claim they never want to sleep in our bed again! Now, whether that holds true, only time will tell. While I know I can't give Luuf ALL the credit for giving me my bed back, I will say the excitement of the new mattresses for my kiddos definitely played a part!!!

Are you ready to Luuf your life? Use code MKID and get 40% off. *Discount excludes adjustable bases and foundations and is not applicable on set up or removal services. 

About Luuf:

Luuf is on a mission to make honest, safe, luxury sleep products affordable for every room in your house. In fact, Luuf and Little Luuf lines can replace every bed in your house for what it would cost to buy a single mattress in a mattress store. Luuf offers three hybrid models (each a combination of great foams and springs) designed by sleep experts for a personalized fit, they have a bed for every individual or couple, comfort preference, and sleep need. The brand new Simplicity Mattress was created for all sleeping positions with multiple layers of cooling comfort. All Luuf mattresses are made with the latest in design technology. Each Luuf features precisely layered foam to alleviate pressure points that cause tossing and turning and individual pocketed coils that adjust to each sleeper’s unique shape, sleeping position, and minimize partner disturbance.

The children's' mattress is called Little Luuf, and it's safe, non-toxic, and made just for kids! Little Luuf was inspired by a mom of a child who has seizures. She wanted to make honest, safe sleep products for children that would not cost a fortune. This is why each Little Luuf has multiple safety certifications, so your child can breathe easy, and you can have peace of mind.

Luuf cares about SLEEP.

Sleep is the foundation of good health. Sleep not only allows your body to restore and heal, but it is responsible for regulating your metabolism and your ability to think and function every day. A good mattress is essential for great sleep, but they are not a one-size-fits all commodity. They should fit your body and sleep needs the same way a great pair of jeans fits your unique shape. Luuf has a bed for any ailment that may prevent you from getting a great night’s sleep:

  • Back pain
  • Soft tissue or joint pain
  • A bed that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support for people who sleep on their sides and back
  • A firm bed for back sleepers that doesn’t feel like a board
  • A softer bed that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud
  • A medium bed for all sleeping positions (Simplicity)

What makes Luuf Different?

  • Luuf is 100% hand-crafted in the USA and sourced using local American made components. It also comes with multiple safety certifications. Its fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, which is one of the highest independent ratings in fabric. It guarantees mattresses are free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens.
  • Luuf is also Certipur Certified, meaning all the foams are certified through a third party for quality and safety, ensuring the foam is:
    • Made with no ozone depleters 
    • Made with no heavy metals (including mercury and lead) 
    • Made without prohibited phthalates 
    • Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) 
    • No PBDE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) in fire retardants 
    • Made with no formaldehyde
  • Luuf even uses a natural fire barrier made of cotton and rayon (the same fabrics used in clothing) and no harsh chemicals.
    • Given that the EPA identified indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to health, keeping your home free of radon, allergens, VOCs, and PBDEs is important for everyone in your house.
  • Luuf cares about customer service. Their brand promise for each customer: exceptional, easy, and anxiety-free customer service. Free delivery, free exchanges (for the Luuf beds), no questions asked returns, and two ways to purchase: self-guided experience online or speak to one of their sleep experts over the phone. The mattress shows up on your door in an easy to carry box from UPS.

This article is sponsored by Luuf but all experiences and opinions are my own.