Dinner in a Flash with Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs

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By Emily Papa, Publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills June 1, 2021


"What's for dinner?"

Those four words can make me cringe in an instant. One of my biggest struggles of being an adult is meal planning; and I kind of have to feed the tiny humans to keep them alive. If there's a list and a plan, I'm more than obliged to shop for it. Food in the fridge, I'm happy to make it. But left to my own devices with no plan or groceries, I'm the kind of mom who wings it come 4:45. The kind of mom who needs a simple solution on hand at all times that is better for my family than a last-minute fast food rendezvous and who will be even more excited if the cleanup is minimal!

On nights like these, one of my favorite options are Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs. On my normal run to the local Giant Eagle, I find this simple, budget friendly, better-for-you, 100% beef hot dog that I know everyone in my family will be excited to see on the table at dinner time. They are super easy to find, right in the Hot Dog cooler!

Hot off the grill, Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs have a delicious, smokey flavor and contain no nitrates or nitrites, and no artificial preservatives or ingredients. Mom, dad, and both kids enjoy them; and my husband doesn't even mind grilling them for us! At 4:45, this mom knows she can have dinner on the table that everyone will love within a matter of minutes! 

Everyone eats and is happy with this simple summer meal! #momwin

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This article is sponsored by Coleman Natural, but all opinions are our own based on our experiences. Coleman natural Foods produces all-natural meats sourced from American family farmers that raise their animals with no antibiotics or added hormones which makes Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs a choice I can feel good about making for my family.