April Home Maintenance Guide

April is a great month to get some serious projects done in and around your home!

By Michael Pohlot, Pittsburgh's Hardest Working Realtor April 13, 2021

If spring has come to your neighborhood then you might be in the throes of warmer weather and more hours of daylight. This is good news for homeowners who may find they have a bit more time, and motivation, to get out into the yard or work on the house.

Not sure what your home or property needs done this month? Looking for someone to do these projects for you? Here are some ideas to get you motivated and get your to-do list done! 

House cleaning 

Let a professional tackle your spring-cleaning! Aside from the usual housecleaning tasks, consider having your carpeting, upholstery, drapery and windows cleaned as well as outdoor patio items like your grill or outdoor furniture. 

Exterior cleaning 

If your exterior siding, roof, gutters, patio, driveway and walkways need cleaning, try a professional pressure washing company. Removing moss and algae build-up is important not just for looks but for keeping these materials in good shape and ensuring a safe walk up to the house. 

Landscaping services 

If your yard needs some post-winter cleanup, consider hiring a landscaping company. They can deliver large quantities of mulch or gravel, remove debris from the garden beds, lay down new sod, and make your yard ready to support spring and summer growth. 

Exterior projects 

Need to repair your deck? Want a new pathway in the yard? Does the fence need mending? April is a great time to book a professional to get exterior structural projects done. Getting these tasks done right will help ensure safety in your yard and can add value to your property. 

Spring-cleaning projects that help clear the air

If your home has been shut up for the winter you may feel the itch to throw open the windows and sweep the dirt out. Take this month to dust your home high and low and circulate fresh air. Here are some articles to help get you motivated: 

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What to do in the yard this month 

No matter what size you have for your outdoor space, April is a great month to assess your landscape and do some productive work. Preparing planters, containers or garden beds for spring and summer plants is important, so is laying down mulch to prevent evaporation.