Pitch A Fête: Celebrating Childhood Every Day

By Charissa Lauren March 7, 2021

As parents, if the pandemic has taught us anything (and boy, has it taught us a lot!), it has shown us how utterly important it is to make the most of every moment. Not to celebrate the big occasions necessarily, but to create magic every day. We’ve had to, as parents. We had to find new ways to entertain our children that wasn’t reliant on school, social activities, or normal life events and vacations that we anticipated in the past. Imagination and creativity were at the forefront.

To be honest, the challenge this last year has brought us has redirected us to the important things in life. The quote “The most important work you will ever do is within the walls of your own home,” rings true now more than ever. Our children are the focal point in our lives and their joy is everything. It’s up to us to show them how magical life is, to instill in them a passion for the world, and hopefully learn to see the world from an innocent perspective once more. 

Launched to the public officially in 2020, Pitch A Fête celebrates childhood all year round, pandemic or not. Because at the end of this year, your children will remember the joys first. They’ll remember the stay-at-home parties that mom made extra creative and the pancakes that tasted better on the fancy plates. They’ll remember indoor imaginary ice skating and turning the living room into a safari, including inflatable elephants and zebras!  How lovely it is to see the world from the eyes of a child.

Creativity specialist, Pitch A Fête (PAF) was founded by a Pittsburgh mom inspired to make her daughter’s life beyond magical. One EXTRA birthday party for her daughter birthed a passion for creating magic for kids everywhere. The tipi rental and party boutique designs over-the-top themes for everyday magic, activity, birthday parties, holidays, sleepovers, or a living room campout delivered FULLY ASSEMBLED to your front door. 

At Pitch A Fête, every day is a party. Have a tea party for no reason, make movie nights epic, have ice cream for dinner because your child will only be a child once. We encourage parents to seize the moment with their children, hug them a little longer, live for the little things because one day those little things will be among your child’s favorite memories. 

Current Party Themes:  Super Heroes, fête(ch): a paw spa,  boho babesafari party animals, snowflake slumber, outta this world, custom themes, and holiday themes, good gravy! and doomsday. 

Just looking to add a little flair to an already special event? Ready.Fête.Go Party Bundles are ready to ship from Pittsburgh and are available for all holidays. Get your St. Patrick's Day or Easter Bundle today before it's too late! 

Whatever you’re celebrating, celebrate in style. 

Macaroni Kid would like to invite you to celebrate 2021 in style and to Pitch A Fête every day you can. Pitch A Fête has made this easy for you by providing free printables, Ready.Fête.Go Party Bundles for all occasions, and Themed Tipi Rentals that are shipped worry free directly to and from your house! 

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