Supercool Science with Dad

Turn liquid water into ice instantly!

By Emily Papa, Publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills February 22, 2021

I'm trying to get my husband to contribute to my weekly MacKid newsletters because he's definitely the funnier parent, always has great original content and because who doesn't want to hear from a Macaroni Dad? Y'all are going to have to help me convince him to start with a Big Mac Daddy series or something   

Oh yes, I just came up with that (I told you he's the funnier one). 

His unofficial audition happened when we were in my mom van getting ready to leave the house, and he showed us the kids a magic trick! Well, I'm pretty sure it's science, but it feels and amazes like magic! Try this out with your kiddos to see if you can instantly make water freeze before your eyes!

You need to have a very cold bottle of water, but it can't be frozen. Apparently overnight in the car in 19 degree weather is the perfect temperature, The actual term for this is called supercooled. A supercooled liquid is one that has been cooled beyond its normal freezing temperature but hasn't solidified yet. Once something initiates that freezing process (nucleation), like the sudden jolt of a smack against the palm of a hand, molecules in the water quickly grab form together, turning the whole bottle to ice quicker than Elsa can say, "Let it Go." See it for yourself!

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Pretty cool huh? I think it's SUPERCOOL! I know, I know.... another terrible joke. That's why we need the Big Mac Daddy on here. If I could talk the hubby into weekly contributions, what would YOU want to see from him? Give us your input below!

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