8 Pittsburgh Restaurants in the South Hills That Make Great Wings

Americans expected to eat more than 1.3 billion wings over Super Bowl weekend

By Emily Papa, Publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills January 31, 2021

This Sunday is the biggest football game of the year, and that means one thing ... it's time for wings in Pittsburgh! 

The National Chicken Council estimated that more than 1.3 billion wings were eaten during the 2019 Super Bowl weekend — and that number just keeps going up year after year. 

Pittsburgh is no exception in their love for wings — and South Hills restaurants sure know how to make wings delicious enough we can't help but devour them down to the bone! 

It seems everyone has their favorite Pittsburgh restaurants to order wings. Here are 8 of our favorite South Hills-owned restaurants to order wings for the big game:

Level 20 

1033 Paxton Drive, Bethel Park; 412.595.7953

Wings we love: Bone in or boneless, Level 20 has original housemade sauces including a Jameson Whiskey Glaze and General Tso's.

BSB's - Big Shot Bob's House of Wings

2945 South Park Road, Bethel Park; 412.283.4420

Wings we love:  BSB's is almost guaranteed to have more flavors than anywhere else with over 50 Classic Flavors and over 50 Signature Flavors of their bone in or boneless wings!

Burgh's Pizza & Wing Pub

533 Washington Ave, Bridgeville; 412.257.8767

Wings we love: These wings may be on the smaller size but the flavor is anything but! Burgh's has delicious wings and pizza, and our family always has a great time in their large restaurant. 

Trolley Stop Inn

6247 Library Road, Bethel Park; 412.831.7300

Wings we love: Conveniently located right between Bethel Park and South Park, Trolley Stop is known for their wings, especially the Garlic Parm! They currently offer a family deal of 50 wings, 2 XL 1 topping pizza's and two 2-liters of soda for $75. 

Toss Pizza & Wings

145 McMurray Road, Upper St. Clair; 412.283.4124

Wings we love: Toss offers Breaded, Dipped, Grilled, Sticky and Rubbed Wings! All wings come with a light, crispy breading (except grilled) and sauce served on side (except dipped and sticky). Grilled wings are Gluten Free. 


2850 Washington Road, McMurray; 724.941.7802

Wings we love: If you're looking for jumbo wings, Pizzaz is the place for you. Dry Seasoned Salt is our favorite!

Hot Shots

4099 Brownsville Road, South Park; 412.833.6567

Wings we love: Another great find for jumbo wings, this local family owned sports bar is famous for their full size wings! 

51 Wings and Things

4022 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Brentwood; 412.885.5101

Wings we love: 51 Wings is on GrubHub but also delivers to neighborhoods surrounding Brentwood. Be sure to call them first to save on delivery fees!

Where are you planning on getting your wings for the big game? We love to hear from our readers and want to hear about your favorite place to get wings in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Send your suggestions to