Venture Outdoors Launches 2,021 in 2021 Challenge

By Venture Outdoors January 12, 2021

Venture Outdoors is kicking off 2021 and their 20th year celebration with a new health and wellness challenge. This challenge encourages participants to accumulate 2,021 miles of outdoor activity over the course of the year, inspiring and motivating everyone to enjoy the outdoors. 

Participants will choose any combination of outdoor activities, which includes but is not limited to running, walking, biking, hiking, and swimming. Participants will monitor and record their mileage using a fitness tracker, pedometer, maps, or another method of their choice. At the end of each month, participants will be emailed an online form to submit and track their mileage.

Venture Outdoors encourages others to take on this challenge to try new outdoor experiences, setting a new health and wellness goal, or to simply enjoy the outdoors. At the end of the challenge, there will be either an in-person or virtual party to celebrate where participants will receive a medal and t-shirt. For more information on this challenge, visit This challenge is fun for all, offering a mileage adjustment for children and seniors. “When you set your fitness goals, biking, running and swimming are great goals but don’t forget that walking can change your life. Commit to making a simple sustainable change daily. That’s how you win the year,” said Kie McCrae, Venture Outdoors Manager of Cool Stuff and coordinator for the 2,021 in 2021 Challenge. 

“Venture Outdoors has proudly served Southwestern Pennsylvania for 20 years creating approximately 800,000 outdoor experiences,” said Valerie Beichner, Venture Outdoors’ President & CEO. “We work to create safe and welcoming outdoor experiences. We work every day to inspire, educate, and equip; creating access to outdoor experiences introducing folx to new and fun ways to practice wellness. We can’t wait for the next 20 years of outdoor adventures!”

Venture Outdoors has also announced a variety of new virtual and in-person programming. Some of their new programming features Hiking Programs, Mindfulness Yoga, Nature Photography, Fit with a Physician, Intro to Triathlon Training, the Outdoor Learning Lab, the Venture Outdoors Book Club, and much more! To learn more about Venture Outdoors or to register for programs, visit 

ABOUT VENTURE OUTDOORS: Venture Outdoors is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Our mission is to, “Inspire. Educate. Equip. We create access to outdoor experiences.” We provide more than 45,000 outdoor experiences annually through youth, community, senior programming as well as Kayak Pittsburgh. One o our most well-known entities is Kayak Pittsburgh, the kayak education and experience organization most known for getting people on the three rivers.