5 Sleep Tips to Get Solid Sleep During the Holidays

By Mari Park, Pediatric Sleep Consultant December 2, 2020

Hi Mamas! Are you tired?! Like TIRED?!

I am Mari Park with Rocking This Baby Sleep Consultation and I have 5 steps to get your little one sleeping through the night during the holidays. You can take these tips and give your son or daughter the skills they need to fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night! Now that’s a Christmas gift!

Step 1: Choose an early bedtime.

The best time to put a baby to bed is between 6 and 8. This ensures your child will be able to get the full 11 - 13 hours of sleep they need. Yes! That's how much they should be getting a night.

Step 2: Put your child to sleep in the same place each night. 

Putting them in the same place, even for naps, will help them feel safe and understand that they are in a place where sleep is expected of them.

Step 3: Create a predictable bedtime routine.

Consistency and predictability are really important to babies and toddlers. It helps them make the transition from wake time to sleep. It shouldn’t be longer the 45 min and is very important that it’s the same every night. 

Step 4: Put your baby to bed AWAKE!

If you have been helping your baby go to sleep by rocking or nursing this is going to seem like a tough one, but it’s actually the most important step! It’s only by letting your baby fall asleep without your help can they learn the skills necessary to sleep through the night.

Step 5: If your baby wakes up during the night, wait a few minutes before intervening.

Everyone, babies and adults alike, wake up several times a night. Usually these are brief and you don't even remember when you wake up in the morning. However, many babies will immediately start to fuss when they wake up because they haven’t learned how to put themselves back to sleep. If they continue to fuss after a few minutes then go in and offer some comfort to help them go back to sleep. Do your best to avoid picking them up or nursing them back to sleep. 

There are your 5 helpful tips. Please remember that every child is different and there isn’t a “secret sauce” that works 100% of the time, but with some work you can help your little one to learn to sleep through the night.

Did you know that studies show that up to 30% of babies have sleep problems and 75% of parents would like to change their babies sleep habits. So if you’re struggling with sleep issues, you're not alone!

If you are still struggling and need some more help, my passion is helping families get their sleep back. I develop a customized plan for solving your child’s sleep problems and coaching you, as the parent to help follow through with it. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at I would love to help you get on track and get your whole family sleeping well for Christmas and the new year!