How Snapology Is Helping To Keep Kids Socializing Safely

November 16, 2020

As families continue to navigate what feels like constant changes to children’s schooling, enrichment activities and social lives, one local business is meeting the challenge and offering a variety of solutions. Snapology, the country’s #1 STEAM enrichment provider, is offering programs to keep kids socializing and working their brains even in the toughest of times. From online classes and play dates, in-person creative play and parties, they are meeting parents where they are and offering solutions when we all need them most. 

Snapology’s mission has always been to provide a fun learning environment that focuses on developing social skills. As we face the challenges of this year, keeping our kids social and happy has never been so challenging. Thankfully, Snapology has been working to tackle that challenge head on. Below you will find a breakdown of all the awesome things this Bridgeville-based company is offering. Consider supporting this local business in any way you can, so they can continue to support us.

In-Person Programs At Snapology’s Discovery Center

Drop-In Creative Play

Snapology’s Discovery Center, located in Bridgeville at 1350 Old Pond Road, has been redesigned to offer a safe place for kids to play. Kids can participate in drop-in creative play where materials are separated for the individual and sanitized on a regular basis. The center has plenty of hand sanitizer on hand and spaces for kiddos to wash their hands between playing in one of their many creative play stations. 

Kids participating in drop-in play can work on cool individual projects like building a robotic dolphin, or designing a bridge that can bear their own weight, or they can rotate through one of the many creative building stations in the center. Some of our favorite spots are the eye-play room and the Minecraft station. No matter your child’s interest, they will find something cool to do in this interactive space. 

Drop-In Creative Play Hours

Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

Wednesday 8:30am- 4pm

Saturday 1pm-3pm

Asynchronous Learning Support

For families with children who are learning asynchronous or those choosing alternative schooling this year, Snapology offers full day support on Wednesdays from 8:30am- 4pm. Students are welcome to bring in worksheets or projects to complete while mixing in some fun breaks in the Discovery Center. Snapology’s awesome staff is there to help kids stay on task and even encourage them to tackle projects that will enhance their understanding of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) concepts. This has been a lifesaver for local parents who are trying to work from home and find themselves in need of a day without interruption.  

Classes, Holiday Programs and Parent’s Night Out

In addition to creative drop in play, Snapology is also offering a full schedule of classes ranging from pre-school classes to advanced robotics classes for older kids. They also have a bunch of classes and workshops planned for Black Friday and the Holiday Break. 

For those parents, or kids, who need a night off, Snapology is also offering their popular Parent’s Night Out series. Twice a month kids can be dropped off on Saturday night for four hours of fun. And get this- they’ll even feed them dinner! Because they are keeping the class sizes limited to allow for social distancing, the space in these classes is limited so parents are encouraged to register their children early.

Birthday Parties & Playdates

Celebrating a birthday this year is more challenging than ever before. No parent wants to let their kiddo’s special day slip away with a special celebration. Thankfully Snapology is offering both in-person and virtual birthday parties

In-person parties can be hosted at the Discovery Center in Bridgeville, or at a location of your choice. The parties stay small and the Snapologist helps to make sure that all safety measures are taken. The parties are a huge hit with parents and kids. Snapology offers tons of themes for the parties. They can design a party around anything your child is into which makes these parties feel so special. 

No need for your child to have a birthday to take advantage of these awesome offerings. Snapology allows you to book a private play date or class. Just like a birthday party, you can choose the theme for the play date and invite your child’s friends for a private experience. 

If you are not quite comfortable celebrating in person, they have you covered there as well. Snapology has been successfully hosting online parties since March. The Snapologist keep the kids engaged and entertained for the entire time with fun challenges and movement breaks. We never knew an online party could be so much fun! 

Private In-Person or Virtual Classes

For those who are running a home school pod or trying to get a group of kids together for a little more structured experience, Snapology offers private classes both virtually and in-person. They can send a teacher to your location once or even weekly to engage kids in awesome STEAM classes that will enrich their educational experience. If you need a space for your group to gather, they can provide classroom space and activities at the Discovery Center. Of course, they also offer these private events virtually. 

Scouting Solutions

For those trying to keep their scouting troop active and meeting on a regular basis, the impending winter will be a challenge. Snapology’s scouting programs are a lifesaver here! Not only can they help your troop earn a badge, but they can also offer a space to meet. They have been offering STEM badges mapped to the badge requirements for Girl Scouts for quite some time. As troops struggle to keep momentum going, now seems like the perfect time to partner with Snapology.

Virtual Classes

Sometimes getting together in person is just not an option. Thankfully Snapology continues to offer virtual classes with classes currently scheduled into March 2021. These classes are a great way for your child to engage in a meaningful activity on a weekly basis. Since kids from all over the world can participate in these classes, there is a good chance your child will make some new friends and maybe even spark a pen-pal relationship. A recent class has children from the United States, Canada and Egypt. How cool is that?!

Summer Camps

Summer already? Yes! Snapology had already released their 2021 summer camp schedule and are taking registrations now. Camps are available in both half day and full day formats at the Bridgeville Discovery Center. Think about reserving your child’s spot now and give them (and yourself) something to count down to.

Gift Cards

We all know that local businesses are struggling to keep their doors open these days. One of the best ways you can support them is to purchase gift cards that can be used when things start to open up a bit more. Snapology’s gift cards can be used for any of the programs listed above and are available in multiple denominations. Think about incorporating gift cards into your holiday shopping list. Package this one with some LEGO® bricks and you’ve got a winning gift. 

Another free way to support local businesses this year is to follow them on social media and subscribe to their email lists. Check out the links below to support Snapology and visit their website to learn more about this awesome company that is working hard to support our kids.


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