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By Emily Papa October 14, 2020

Have you been to a pumpkin patch or fall festival yet this year? Even though we have 5 weekends this October, we are already halfway to the end of the month and time is running out! Our Fall Family Fun Guide has lots of great information in it to help you find a Pumpkin Patch near you. Not the farm type? Check out our events calendar for other Fall fun! 

Last week, my family headed out to Simmons Farm in McMurray, PA. We absolutely love going to Simmons every year and I'll tell you why it’s an easy choice to make to go there. Pro- tip: Simmons is huge, but wildly popular. If you can get there early in the morning it will be significantly less crowded than in the afternoon. 

One of my FAVORITE things about Simmons is their all-inclusive price. For $16.50/person, you can have access to ALL of their Fall Activities, take a Hayride out to the fields AND pick a pumpkin of any size and weight. If you don’t want a pumpkin, it’s only $13. I’ve yet to find a pumpkin anywhere cheaper than $3.50, so we ALWAYS get the pumpkins lol. 

Currently, due to COVID-19 they are running at reduced capacity and are requiring you to wear a mask while seated next to others while on the Hayride. We went on a Saturday, and they had a ton of tractors running, and we didn’t have to wait at all. 

Every time we make it over to the fields I stop and force my family to take a silly photo with the wood cut-outs before we do anything else. I can only hold their attention for so long though because from the moment we step off the tractor they are eying up the huge playground made up of tire obstacles, human hamster wheels, and even a Firetruck with a slide!

When I’m ready to get them moving, I usually trick my kids past the playground by telling them there is a short line for the 100 ft slide. We ride it down a few times and then hang out at the bottom to do the Corn Maze and Apple Rock Labyrinth.

We definitely didn’t make it out of the Corn Maze the right way - after hitting so many dead ends, my son saw an opening and took it lol. There is also a larger Corn Maze across the farm, but we haven’t made it to that one yet. I’m thinking we have a few more years.

The kids spend a lot of time at the Tire Lift. It is super cute watching them work together to lift the big ones, that is, until one lets go of the rope and the rest get rope burn :/

The Tire Maze is one of my favorite activities and harder than you might think. You are given a starting point and you need to work your way to the center following a pattern of Red - White - Blue without going backwards. Betcha can’t get it on your first try ;)

Once the kids were all good and tired, we headed back to the top of the hill to get some dinner at the on site food trucks. While I waited in line, my son went to the Rubber Duck Races while my daughter went over to the huge tire swings. After we ate under the covered pavilion, we had 5 acres of pumpkins to pick from. Another pro-tip - Simmons has a little station right before the pumpkin patch that has plastic bags for you to carry your pumpkin back to the farm! It’s a lifesaver, if you know it’s there!!!

We got our pumpkins and hitched a tractor ride back to the market side of the farm. Just when I thought it was time to call it a day, the kids reminded me that the petting zoo is on the way out. My hubby went and got the car while I had the pleasure of accompanying my kiddos in the petting zoo. How can you say no when it’s all included?

In addition to all of this goodness, Simmons usually has their corn sandbox for the kids to play in (and you can visit that year round for FREE). I think it’s closed right now due to COVID-19  because we were routed away from that room upon arrival. In reality, you could totally stay there all day if you wanted to and it’s super affordable. You can find a full listing of their Fall Activities here

If you haven’t made it to a farm yet this year, you can’t go wrong with any of our local ones listed here. If you’ve already gone, we want to know what your favorite one is and why! You can always tag us on social media for a chance to be featured in our stories or feed. We love seeing what our readers are doing! Happy Fall y’all!!!


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