Pirates and Princesses Kidz Salon

Where to take your kiddo to get their hair cut in the South Hills

By Emily Papa, publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills of Pittsburgh October 7, 2020

Have you ever stumbled across a place and just KNOW you were meant to find it? A few weeks ago I was driving down Route 88 and I actually stopped to go into CS Kim Karate but then a giant concrete hand lawn ornament sitting outside the shop next door caught my eye. When I walked over and I saw the name “Pirates and Princesses Kidz Salon” on the door, I knew I had to go in. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the costumes on the wall and the friendly decor. The stylist working on her client looked up to say hello before finishing up what she was doing. 

Then I saw it. The bright red fire truck converted salon chair. I immediately started to brainstorm.  My 4-year-old son who is just now learning he has opinions and a voice has NOT been super willing to have his hair cut even though is constantly pushing it out of his eyes just to see. He won't even let my sister, who is a stylist herself, touch it. After a quick chat with the owner, I snapped a photo of the chair to show to my Fire truck obsessed little man when I got home and told him that only realllllllllly good little boys got to sit in the Fire Truck to get their hair cut. 

Can you guess who gave me the ok to make them an appointment? 

Knowing that getting my son to agree to go to the hair salon was only half of the battle, I wasn’t surprised when we parked the car, and he started with his resistance. 

If I could only get him in the door, so he could see the shiny red fire engine we’d probably be ok. I’m pretty sure I had to bribe him with whatever snack I had in the van, but he agreed to at least go inside. 

Walking in the door of Pirates and Princesses we were the only ones there besides Kristy, the owner. In his 4 short years of life, I’m pretty sure my son has never sat in a salon chair without being on my lap and definitely not without a fight. But when Kristy asked him what he liked to watch on TV and quickly put on Might Pups, the magic happened, and he jumped right in!

Without having to resort to bribery (again), my little man sat still the entire time while Kristy gave him the awesome “Ryder haircut” he asked for. He was so excited about sitting in the Fire Engine and watching Mighty Pups that he even let me walk to the back of the salon to use the bathroom! By MYSELF!!! #momwin

There’s my handsome little guy!!!

Do you have a kiddo like mine that just does NOT want to get their haircut? Then you need to check out this spot on 88 in Bethel Park. This salon is seriously so stinking cute (and clean) and just MADE for kids! Each station has a novelty stylist chair to make any kiddo feel special equipped with a personal flat screen TV loaded with Netflix. Do you see the tool box stylist chests they have (I’m obsessed)?!?!  On the other side of the salon there are PINK ones!!! On top of all the cuteness, my kid left with a haircut that he loves and that’s mom approved!!! AND he told me he would go back!!! Oh, don't make the same mistake I did... Pirates and Princesses Kidz Salon accepts credit cards but you can't tip on it. Don't forget your cash! It's worth every penny!!!


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