Do Family Night Right

Deliver and Delight with Litehouse and Macaroni Kid

By Emily Papa publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills of Pittsburgh October 14, 2020

It’s Thursday afternoon, and I don’t have any “Family Fun Friday” dinner or activity plans yet. It’s been a long week of working from home alongside my husband and two school-age kids and I’m just not sure I have it in me to plan something outrageously awesome. The bonus of stay-at-home restrictions is getting to spend more time with family, but finding new and fun ideas for family night can be challenging for busy parents. Most days, I’ve got it covered, but let’s be honest, I’m not Superwoman. It’s easy to get discouraged when I don’t have a plan, especially since I try really hard to promote a healthy eating and lifestyle for my family.

When the opportunity arose for me to work on a campaign with Litehouse, I was immediately intrigued. To provide busy parents with new ways to make family night fun, Litehouse created an awesome online resource center with free downloadable recipes and family night activity ideas that will be updated every Thursday in October. Since I am a busy mama always looking for new ways to make family night fun, this sounded like it was too good to be true! 

Back to the Thursday when I was feeling bummed because I had NO plans - Litehouse turned things around when a giant box arrived at our doorstep with big, bold letters stating Do Family Night Right: 25 Nights of Fun with instructions to open & enjoy, so that’s exactly what we did! 

Holy cow! Our box contained 5 themed envelopes; each containing 5 days worth of meal recipes and activities that corresponded to the weekly theme. Under the envelopes in the box were ALL the supplies I needed to make each theme night happen for my family without having to stress over it. Markers, face paint, books, cards, jump rope, trivia cards, pumpkin carving supplies, you name it. They covered every last detail for the busy parent, down to a pen for the Superhero story writing prompts, a quarter for Sports Week coin toss, to a cozy blanket and a Redbox® movie night! See complete rules for details. Cue the relief, Litehouse to the rescue with Family Night Done Right! 25 nights of themed fun all ready to go! Oh, and did I mention the Litehouse Homestyle Ranch Dressing?!

After the kids were done exploring all the contents of the box, they immediately wanted to hear more about Superhero Week. As a family, we sat down at the table and talked about our superpowers while creating our masks. We laughed, sang our favorite superhero songs, ordered pizza and wings and totally got into making our masks while we waited for dinner to arrive. Even my husband, who lets be honest, is sometimes skeptical about the things we say are going to be fun, made a mask! When our dinner arrived, the kids and hubby enjoyed their pizza while dipping it in delicious Litehouse Homestyle Ranch dressing. I always joke that I am the only person on this planet that doesn't like ranch dressing but I'll confess, my mouth started watering as soon as I pulled the cold container of Avocado Ranch out of the freezer bag it was delivered in. I took my chances and didn't order any blue cheese with my wings... #momwin! The Litehouse Avocado Ranch was AMAZING and EXACTLY what I needed for my wings! YUM!!!

After a long week of being cooped up in the house together, superhero craft night was what we ALL needed to do family night right. Mom got all the credit for all the fun, didn’t let the family down and ended up feeling like Superwoman after all. Family Night Done Right AND Easy!

Are you a busy parent who is responsible for meals and fun? Let Litehouse help you keep your superhero status by making family night fun and easy by doing all the planning for you. Check out the online resource center Litehouse created with free downloadable recipes and family night activities that will be updated every Thursday throughout October. 

Want a chance to win your own Family Activity Kit from Litehouse?

If you head over to the Litehouse website you can enter for a chance to win weekly themed family night activity kits with all the essentials for 25 nights of creating more memories together this fall. Weekly themes range from sports to superheroes to animals, and each kit features arts and crafts supplies, activity sheets, a Redbox® movie night and Litehouse 20 oz. Homestyle Ranch dressing! 

Deliver & Delight

Two lucky Macaroni Kid families in the South Hills were surprised with a Deliver and Delight pizza and Do Family Night Right Box on behalf of Litehouse and Macaroni Kid. The kids were so excited to see us and break into their baskets! 

Litehouse dressings are available in the refrigerated produce department at  grocery retailers nationwide in an assortment of sizes and formats, including convenient 20 oz. family size squeeze bottles, dip tubs and glass jars, and pair well with family night favorites like pizza, wings, salad and tacos. Now through the end of October, you have a 1 in 2 chance to win a Redbox® movie night for a 1-day disc rental or On Demand rental when you purchase select Litehouse products at your local grocery store! 

This article is #sponsored by Litehouse but all the enthusiasm and opinions are completely authentic by this writer, her kiddos, and recipients of Deliver & Delight goods. #DoFamilyNightRight #LitehouseFoods