Let the Kids Lunch

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By Emily Papa September 8, 2020

Last August, my daughter and I were excitedly shopping for her back-to-school wardrobe at Tanger Outlets, picking out flip-sequined outfits with matching accessories, down to the hair bows and faux glasses. It was all fashion shows and fun. Back-to-school season is looking a lot different this year. Going into stores to try on clothes to see how much she has grown over the summer isn’t even an option due to this devastating pandemic. There will be no fashion shows. Will there be any fun?!

COVID-19. It’s changing everything. 

Instead of dreaming up her best first-day-of-school outfit, she looked at me sideways and asked if she was going to be able to put skins or stickers on her district-assigned technology that we are scheduled to pick up this week in case we have to switch to hybrid or remote learning. Will she be able to sit next to someone on the bus? Will they have to wear masks in music class? Last month, we took a survey asking about our hybrid learning preferences., Then got word last week that we were going back to brick-and-mortar 5 days a week but need to be on standby for if, or when, we need to go virtual again.

So. Many. Questions.

So. Few. Answers. 

Here are some things that I DO know …

I know that my 8-year-old daughter is going to lunch. I know that my 4-year-old son is going to lunch. I know that even though my weekdays are a bit more mixed up than usual, my kids still need lunch.

So I’m gonna let them lunch. 

Good thing I’ve got a plug. I know the trick that will not only take (planning, shopping, making, packing) lunch off my to-do list but will also empower BOTH of my kids to feel more independent, creative AND have fun! Self-esteem and self-actualization all under the sneaky guise of lunch! Muuuaaahhhh haaaahhhh haaaahhhhh. I’ll totally let you in on my secret …

This school year, this mama plans to stock up at Walmart on back-to-school lunch solutions with easy kid favorites from Kraft Heinz. Shopping so simple that even my cranky 4-year-old stopped whining long enough to pick out his favorite Capri Sun flavor to get in on the fun! With plenty of varieties (all mom-approved), these kiddos were able to feel good about the choices they made when picking out their Lunchables for the week.

She may not have a choice in her accessories for her school-issued technology or who she will be able to sit next to on the bus. Heck, she won’t even get to choose who she sits next to at the lunch table because THERE WILL BE NO LUNCH TABLE! But my daughter will be able to regain a sense of that order, control and predictability through small actions that will make a big impact. Have you ever seen a more confident and proud chef? I’ll take a side of self-esteem with that pizza …. you go girl!

Even my little man is gaining more independence each time I open my eyes-while he will be home with me, we are taking the stress out of back-to-school lunches and turning it into a fun, teachable moment. Can YOU tell how many teeth are missing by the Oreo filling? ;) What better way to introduce a discussion about gravity than dropping a pouch of Capri Sun from your head?! #teachablemoments  #whyarekidssomessy?

To put the icing on the cake (or the cheese on the sauce, in this case), shopping at Walmart has never been easier! Whether using the app to locate all of my items in the store or using their amazing curbside pickup, shopping is such a fun and rewarding experience. Along with cooking and making their own meals, my kids will surely be hungry for more! 

This article is sponsored by Kraft Heinz but all enthusiasm and opinions are completely authentic by this writer and her kiddos.
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