Top 5 Playgrounds and Parks in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

By Emily Papa, Macaroni Kid South Hills of Pittsburgh Publisher May 6, 2024

The South Hills of Pittsburgh is lucky to have so many great parks and playgrounds for kids. My kids have swung, spun, and raced through many of them ... and definitely have their favorites!

Here’s a list of our family’s top five favorite parks and playgrounds in the South Hills and the reasons we love them:

1. Casey's Clubhouse

 Located at Boyce Mayview Park: 1551 Mayview Road in Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Easily my personal favorite is this hidden gem located right off Boyce Road in Upper St. Clair. This amazing playground, Casey’s Clubhouse, in the Township of Upper St. Clair was built on the premise that “Every child deserves the chance to play.” When you first walk up to the grand entrance you might notice the Robert Clemente bridge and some of the same buildings that you would see if you were attending a Bucco’s game in the city. The structures are so realistic that it might take you a second to believe it's a playground. 

Casey’s Clubhouse is filled with fun for children of all ages. It is packed with state-of-the-art playground equipment ranging from sensory-friendly games, digital challenges, rock walls, various climbing objects, slides, slides, spinning things, more slides, more spinning things and did I mention slides? It's super inclusive and handicap accessible. My kids love that all the climbers look like actual "things" that under normal circumstances, they wouldn't be able to climb on. There are a few different water features that provide a light mist on those really hot days. This mama loves the fact that the park feels super safe as it is completely surrounded by a fence which is great for parents with multiple or little kiddos who like to wander. 

The regulation baseball Miracle League Field is a spectacle in and of itself on the right-hand side of the park. It also hosts a multipurpose field, concession stand, and clean, touch-less bathrooms (with a changing station)!!! #momwin all day! My other favorite mom win in the covered pavilion (with electricity) that is right on the opposite side of the fence. It's a great place to have lunch, get some shade or catch up on some work while the kiddos are playing. Casey's Clubhouse is open to the public year-round from dusk to dawn. 

2. North Strabane Park

Recreation Way, Canonsburg, PA

This is one of our very fav's but crossing over into our neighboring Washington County territory. This large park boasts of a series of playgrounds, OPTIONS for indoor restroom use, giant pavilions to rent and fields to roam. We have hosted a few parties and picnics here, and it's hard to find a better place for hosting. The pavilions are large, supplied with electricity, water, a grill, and a small fridge. I'm not sure if they all have them, but the McDowell Pavilion that we reserve has an amazing bar for your food and displays. There is a Disc Golf course that is fun for the entire family

3. South Park Children's Playground

 Located at 2406-2498 Brownsville Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129

Oh, the nostalgia of coming here! When I was a kid, this was pretty much the ONLY big park in the area, and it seemed HUGE! 20 years later and they've completely remodeled it with features to appeal to all ages (and it's still huge). The Children's Playground located in South Park is an Allegheny County Park. It is a cluster of mini playgrounds all fenced in, centered around a large pavilion where you can bring your lunch. There are restrooms, water fountains, and even a sunscreen dispenser if you forgot yours (can't tell you how many times that's happened)! We went there the other day and noted their COVID Alert posted on the entrance to the park. My kids absolutely love the variety here- you have speed slides, tube slides, little slides, swings, climbers, zipline, monkey bars, hideouts, fire poles and so much more! Mama loves this park because of the padded ground and all the trees that provide a nice shade! There is an old replica cannon at the edge of the park that seems to fascinate the kids more than the playground equipment. Let them jump up there to play and snag a photo. On your way out of the park, between April and October, you can find Wu's Shaved Ice ready to cool you down at the edge of the parking lot!

4. Dormont Park aka the Castle Park

 1801 Dormont Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Another nostalgic one for me, I remember playing here as a kid for what felt like HOURS at a time! Plus, as a kid, Dormont was SO FAR from Bethel Park and we thought this was really far away which made it even more exclusive.  This place is so cool and really brings out the imagination in a child as they are running around acting as King's and Queen's of the Kingdom. My kids turn into lords and knights and battle imaginary dragons for hours. There are wooden ramps taking you to elevated play decks, swings, slides, things to hang on, and hide under. I save this one for really special occasions because the kids just think they are royals when they get to play here! It also makes the inner GOT Goddess in me smile. 

5. Wiltshire Park

 108 McMurray Rd, Upper St Clair, PA 15241

Now here is the park you want to take your older kids to or your broad age ranged family. This playground was designed for kids ages 5-12 years old but has plenty of qualities that the whole family will love. I'm not gonna lie, this park has some awesome (kid) featured that quite frankly give me anxiety. If my kids didn't love this park so much I wouldn't even suggest it, but it is absolutely a kid fan favorite in the South Hills. 

The SLIDES- they are soooooo tall. Like, you are going to question your eyes the first time you lay sight on them. I don't mind the tall tube slide, but I haven't mastered the calmness of letting my kids go down the speed slide without telling them to be careful each time they go up. They absolutely love all the different play towers attached by wobbly bridges and accessible by ladders, rock walls, and nets. Another fun addition is the large climbing net for your littles to pretend they are Spider-Man. 

Take a walk down the path, and you will find a covered pavilion, indoor bathrooms, a frog water feature and my LEAST favorite attraction- the sandbox! lol. Sometime's I'm the worst but public sandboxes just make me shudder. Now ask my four-year-old, it's his absolute favorite park. All in all this park is pretty awesome, but it requires some advance planning when I go - proper cleanup equipment for the sand play, dry clothes and shoes from the water feature and the creek that the kids play in. It's not my go-to park but if you live in the South Hills, you have to get there at least once!


That’s our family’s top 5 list for favorite parks and playgrounds in the South Hills, but I bet your kids have their own favorites! Let me know what’s on your family’s list for the best parks and playgrounds in the South Hills by leaving me a note on Facebook or emailing me at I’ll be doing more South Hills playground and park reviews in the future, so I would love to have your input! 

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