10 Holiday Non-Toy Gift Ideas

By Tiffany Olmstead, Publisher Macaroni Kid Monroe - West Monroe December 11, 2016
1. Books – School may have a break, but a new book over the holidays will keep your child entertained and educated.

2. Kitchen Tools – Kids love to cook. Quality kitchen tools last a long time and are durable for kids. They are also make great stocking stuffers!

3. Subscription Boxes – This one is fun at any age. There are many choices such as makeup, science kits, prepped meals, art, and sewing.

4. Tickets – Favorite movie releasing during the holidays, local productions, concert tickets, sports game tickets, etc.

5. Magazine Subscriptions – So many to choose from, from toddlers to adults.

6. Classes/Lessons – Enhance a child's life in sports, performing arts, academic, technology, art, and more. 

7. Family Vacation – Your family has seen other friends' photos, now it's your turn to turn a dream into reality.

8. Gift to Favorite Charity – This may be an option for older children. One way to accomplish could be a handmade gift certificate of a certain amount with "Payable To" space blank, then creatively wrap it.

9. A Calendar – My mother always gave my brother and me a calendar every year. It is a nice tradition that I still look forward to each year.  

10. Memberships – Several local places offer individual and family memberships. They will think of you all year while they are entertained, educated, and exhausted.