Melted Crayon Easter Eggs 2018

An ALternative HOT Way To Dye Easter Eggs

March 18, 2018

HOT hard boiled eggs
Grater  or micro plane (if you want them in small pieces)

Step 1:  Remove the egg from the boiling water and dry completely.  
Step 2:  Use an oven mitt or tongs to place gently on an egg holder.
Step 3:  Use any ordinary crayon to draw designs, shapes, or cover completely in various colors. 

Step 4:  Allow to cool completely before touching because  the crayon WILL melt on your hands if you touch it

Step 5:  If you want to use shaved crayons to sprinkle over the eggs, simply use a cheese grater or micro plane to shave the crayons ahead of time.  If you’re trying this with younger kids, this may be the best choice because they do not necessarily have to touch the egg. 

**The eggs are VERY HOT so this might not be one for the youngest Macaroni Kids to try.  

**If you’re going to try and draw on these, let them cool a little more before beginning your design because the crayon melts very quickly and any detailed design will melt right off.

**I left the eggs in the hot water and only colored them one at a time.  This allowed the eggs to stay warm and I could take my time with each design.

**If you choose to do the grated crayon technique, I promise, your grater will come clean!  I used hot water, a sponge and some detergent and it came right off but the sponge was done for after the cleaning.