Pipe Cleaner Fourth of July Fun

July 2, 2014
Kids too young for fireworks? Well, here is a way for them to make their own!! 
Supplies: Pipe Cleaners (any color), Paint, Plates for the paint, Paper 

Step 1: I cut the pipe cleaners in half to fit on the paper but it would also work to make them full size if you have larger paper or even smaller if you want them tiny!
Step 2: Twist them together to make what looks like a flat snowflake... wait a minute... I think I see a snowflake craft just like this for winter!!! :)
Step 3: Put a "handle" on the top by twisting a pipe cleaner straight up.
Step 4: Put paint on plates and use your pipe cleaner as a "stamp" and put it straight on the paper!
Step 5: When you're all finished, you're left with a fabulous page of multi-colored fireworks!!

**I was not brave enough to use glitter but you could always use white glue in place of the paint and put the glitter on. That would really look like fireworks!!!